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Today I washed my face with honey and oats. I also washed my hair with bicarb and vinegar and scrubbed my legs with coconut oil, sugar, shredded coconut and lime. Food on my face and body is so much fun!

Also grateful for:
* Warm breezes
* Conversations that clear up mistakes
* Forgiveness
* Ajay
* (Can you guys tell I stuffed up today? Let’s just say that if your partner appears to run to the front door when he sees you arrive and look into your eyes through the screen door as he slams the wooden door shut, it’s probably not what it appears to be. And he definitely didn’t see you. And you shouldn’t assume he did and get very, very angry at him. But if you do it’s okay as long as you talk it out afterwards and he’s kind enough to forgive you. Just saying)
* Bollywood music and impromptu kitchen dancing sessions
* That my sister finally gave birth in the wee hours of the morning and now I have a niece! Grateful that everything went so well for everyone involved
* Burritos. Delicious, delicious burritos