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I’m lying in bed grateful that I can look out my window and see the stars. That it’s perfect weather for sleeping with the window open. That the streetlight shining in my eyes is kind of like a big star. That the insects are singing. That Ajay is snoring beside me. That today was good and tonight was good and I was kind to myself today. That the power came back on. That the alarm lets me know that the power is out in the first place by beeping every sixty seconds. That the book really is better than the movie (so far, and the movie is pretty decent (White Oleander)). That the bus route is so convenient. That dinner was the easy choice. That figs are in season again. That I bought the last box of figs after work. That I also bought Camembert cheese to go with them. That breakfast is planned. That we have the next two whole days off together. That we can go visiting. That my sister looks so happy in the photos my dad showed me tonight. That life is good and all is well. I am grateful.