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Today I made a nappy cover for Madi with cute ruffles on it. This was thanks to a combination of things. First for the inspiration to do it when I; 1. saw a picture of one that someone else had made on Facebook and 2. had chores around the house that I wanted to avoid. Then I found a loom-along YouTube video which basically walks you through step by step what to do. And finally, yesterday my step-step grandmother gave me a huge bag of leftover yarn bits and a lot of it was ruffle yarn which I’ve not had the chance to work with before. And there happened to be a large leftover ruffle yarn that was blue and green and white (the colours of the baby yarn I bought to make stuff for Madi with). So after lunch I sat down with my recorded episodes of The Bold And The Beautiful and I knitted this ruffle butt nappy cover. And I’m very proud of it and I can’t wait to photograph Madi wearing it (I hope it’s not too big!). And I’m grateful that I could make it.

20140201-115347 pm.jpg

20140201-115338 pm.jpg

Oh, and click here to watch the video, if you’re interested.