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Today I’m grateful that the damned mermaid costume I’ve been working on actually looked awesome on Madi and made a fantastic photography prop. I know I said I’d never make one again, but I’ve thought of a slight pattern tweak I’d like to make, and a friend of the family has been asking if I would make one for her, so I’m considering it…

Also grateful for:
* Scattegories with my family
* Ajay meeting my mum and all going well
* Getting pooped on
* Pants that are easily washed and dried before I have to leave (and hot weather to dry them)
* City snacks with Ajay
* Helpful customer service representatives at Jetstar’s call centre
* Peaches and Ice-cream
* One final ruffle butt half finished already

PS. As if I would leave you hanging without a picture! Outfit made by me, headband accessory shell made by mum, cute baby made by my sister.

20140213-103417 pm.jpg