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Today I am grateful for public transport because even though I’d rather ride my bike, my sore bum wouldn’t let me (sitting down is painful enough!).

Today I am grateful that one of my lecturers writes extensive lecture notes because even though I’d rather be attending his lecture, due to a clash and a lecture test at the end of the semester I can’t, at least I still get to learn the content from both lectures. And I’m so grateful for my opportunity to learn at a university, I’m aware of how fortunate I am.

Today I’m grateful for the heat, even though it made me feel too tired to cook and we had takeaway for dinner. The heat reminds me of home. And I’m grateful it’s cooled down a touch now.

Today I’m grateful for my partner, who is sweet and kind and caring and wonderful, even though he’s been watching all the cricket lately.

Today I am grateful for the opportunities in my life, the options, the privileges, the happiness. No ifs ands or even thoughs about it!