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Today I’m grateful that the knitted ruffle butt diaper cover I made for a friend’s baby fit her. I had to upsize the regular pattern and I’m glad it worked. Also grateful that Australia post was so speedy.

Another thing in grateful for today is funny conversations with Ajay. We were talking about getting a pet. One of the gems was “If we get a guinea pig can’t we take it for a walk?” And, still about guinea pigs, “Aren’t they trained where to pee? Like cats?” No my love. First off he wanted a dog to watch the cricket with him. Just a small one he assures me. And if I don’t let the dog in the house, he’ll just have to get a TV for the garage… I’m grateful we can have silly conversations together. And grateful that we’re really not at a stage in our lives where pets are a viable idea because of the travelling we both do, so these conversations aren’t really arguments at all which is what makes them so entertaining I think. Walking a guinea pig…!