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I may have gone to Lincraft today and they may have had a sale on yarn and I may have bought enough to fill an entire plastic tub. But that’s okay. And I’m grateful that I could.

On my project list:
* Retry a beanie for Ajay (I finished one today but it is way too tight, oops!)
* A jumper or maybe two for me
* A jumper for Ajay
* An elephant for Madi
* A bunny, or several, for Madi
* A set with a scarf, hat and fingerless gloves. And maybe matching leg warmers.
* A jumper for Madi, or a blanket. Haven’t decided yet
* A heap of ruffle butts

I really enjoy loom knitting, I find it so relaxing. But at the same time, because it’s so versatile I also find it challenging and interesting. Love learning new things. Love my looms. Love my life!