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Today I dyed my and Ajay’s hair and I’m grateful that I’ve dyed hair at home so many times before. Ajay usually gets his hair lightened (a tiny bit) when he gets it cut, but it’s so expensive for such a small thing! So today I finally convinced him to let me do it at home. He bought the dye, a shade or two lighter than what I usually use, and I dyed his hair. It came out a bit lighter than usual, but it looks just fine. I couldn’t stand to waste the rest of the dye, so I lightened my hair too. I thought it would be too blonde at first but once it dried it looked more like the copper colour I prefer. So all’s well that ends well, and next time I’ll be buying the dye, in the right shade! I’m grateful that I can do this at home, save ourselves a bit of money and have a few laughs at our gladwrapped heads! (Ajay won’t let me post the picture though!)