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Our home phone and Internet connection is with TPG, because it’s very cheap and very good value, and I’ve always been impressed with their tech support (the two or three times I’ve needed it over the years). Recently, I was listening to music through Pandora and it suddenly stopped loading. I went to reset the router and noticed that the home phone had a message on it saying “Check TEL Line” and was no longer working. Couldn’t get a dial tone and couldn’t call in to it. The wifi started working again after about half an hour, but it was so slow (I found out when I called that we weren’t even averaging 1mbs!).  I put up with no phone and slow internet for a few days because I was busy and also a bit lazy, but when I finally did get around to calling TPG to ask for help, I couldn’t be more pleased with the way they handled it. The first guy I spoke with on the phone, Carlos, ran a bunch of very through test to figure out what was broken. He had me move the router to the kitchen to test the port there, talked me through some kind of force reset test and a bunch of stuff. Then he told me there must have been a physical problem and that he’d send he test results to the engineering department and they’d send a technician out to fix it. Now I’d very cleverly called on Thursday afternoon last week, and what with the public holiday and the weekend, I was told I could expect a call on Monday about arranging a time and we’d go from there (there was a chance I’d need to be home in case the technician needed to look at anything on our property). I got a call on Saturday, a technician was arranged for Monday morning and before I even got out of bed this morning the problem had been fixed. I got a call on my home phone at 9am to confirm it was all back in working order. Then I spent the morning dicking around on Facebook and Tumblr because finally the Internet was fast enough to load photos again! And then, this afternoon I got a call from customer service, they had been told that the problem was fixed, but they just wanted to check with me that I was happy that everything was working again. From start to finish, I received nothing but excellent customer service from TPG and it makes me very glad that I chose them to be our provider.

So, long story short, I’m very grateful today for the excellent customer service I received from TPG, and very glad my Internet is back to normal speed. Very grateful for the fact that I have access to Internet at all after what I’m learning in Uni at the moment!