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I have a four point checklist for Melbourne weather:
And if the weather for the day is not one of those things, it’s a nice day. Today was overcast and raining and very, very windy, but it wasn’t cold, and so it was a very nice day indeed.

I’m grateful for my umbrella. It’s rainbow, which is awesome, and rather small. I like its size because it’s enough to protect me and not make me feel like I might poke someone’s eye out with it. It’s also a lot sturdier than a compact folding umbrella and can stand up to quite windy conditions very well. I think it’s a children’s sized brolly, but it’s perfect for me. And I’m very grateful for it when I have to navigate through the city on rainy days.

I think it used to belong to my sister and she either gave it to me or sold it to me for about five bucks haha.

20140429-114505 pm.jpg