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Today I am grateful for band-aids because even though the place I needed to stick it (on the crease between my thumb and index finger) wasn’t suited to band-aids at all, Having them hang in there as long as they could helped me finish a piece of assessment tonight. Not so grateful for paper-cuts, but it could have been worse!

Also grateful for:
* My vitamix (when my immersion blender finally conked out) to help make soup
* Being home alone when a good song comes on the radio and turning the kitchen into my stage (for both singing and interpretive dance moves)
* Smashing through my reluctance to write this damned philosophy essay thing and just getting it done!
* The freshest, soften batch of choc-coated liquorice I’ve ever had
* Lifts to work and buses home
* Peppermint Tea
* Scented candles
* A soft warm bed